Scouting Grounds Circuit

The Scouting Grounds Circuit is back for 2020! After the 2019 Circuit which saw ANEW Esports crowned champions, we’re once again partnering with the LCS to deliver the Scouting Grounds Circuit for League of Legends players in North America. This time around we’ve made some crucial tweaks to the format, creating something the community will find exciting, accessible and inclusive. The Circuit kicks off on May 1st, with Qualifiers running through to July hosted by FACEIT and a number of officially partnered organisers, featuring over $60,000 in prize pool. And for this year’s Scouting Grounds Circuit, we’ve developed a qualification system that brings simplicity to the circuit, with qualification achieved through a central leaderboard. The 8 top teams who collect the most qualification points across official competitions will proceed to the Scouting Grounds Circuit Playoffs, with the top 2 heading to the 2020 Honda Scouting Grounds, hosted by the LCS. Read More

Playoffs Bracket

Upper Bracket

Upper Round 1 (Bo3)

  • 100 Thieves Next 2
    Frost Fire 0
  • Radiance 2
    Mirage Esports 0
  • Maryville University 1
    Supernova 2
  • ANEW Esports 2
    Polar Ace 1

Upper Round 2 (Bo3)

  • 100 Thieves Next 2
    Radiance 0
  • Supernova 0
    ANEW Esports 2

Upper Finals (Bo5)

  • 100 Thieves Next 1
    ANEW Esports 3

GRAND Finals (Bo5)

  • ANEW Esports 3
    100 Thieves Next 2

Lower Bracket

Lower Round 1 (Bo3)

  • Frost Fire 0
    Mirage Esports 2
  • Maryville University 2
    Polar Ace 1

Lower Round 2 (Bo3)

  • Mirage Esports 0
    Supernova 2
  • Maryville University 2
    Radiance 0

Lower Round 3 (Bo5)

  • Supernova 2
    Maryville University 3

Lower Finals (Bo5)

  • Maryville University 1
    100 Thieves Next 3

Qualification Stage Leaderboard

Position Team Name Qualification Points
#1 100 Thieves Next 1775
#2 ANEW 1525
#3 Maryville University 1050
#4 Radiance 725
#5 Mirage Esports 675
#6 Supernova 650
#7 Polar Ace 500
#8 Frost Fire 375
#9 ConVicton 300
#9 LB Gurb Nation 300
#11 Empyreans 250
#12 Simplicity 225
#13 SN Dark Matter 200
#14 XT esports 150
#15 Life Support 125
#16 Team Fish Taco 100
#17 Slaughter House 75



With more than $60,000+ in prize fund on the line and growing, it's a circuit of SGC qualifying competitions which will allow teams to qualify for the SGC Play-offs which will determine the 2 teams that will be invited to the Scouting Grounds LAN by Riot.
Qualification Points (QP) are a new way to qualify for the SGC Play-offs. In order to qualify, each team will have to collect as many Qualification Points as possible.
You can earn them by placing high in SGC-Approved Competitions such as League of Legends Weekend League (LWL), Bloody Invitational Gaming (B.I.G.) League and the Upsurge Premier League.
There are currently 7,000 Qualification Points split across three SGC-Approved Competitions. We are looking into expanding this by adding more organizers and competitions to SGC which will be offering even more Qualification Points. All organizers can apply to become a part of SGC by completing this form.
SGC Play-offs is the final phase of the SGC 2020 where 8 qualified teams will play in a double-elimination bracket for the top 2 spots that lead into the Scouting Grounds LAN by Riot Games.
1st of August
Top 8 teams that collect the most amount of Qualification Points collected throughout May, June and July will qualify to the SGC Play-offs and will have a chance to earn one of the two spots for the Scouting Grounds LAN
Everything will be displayed on the SGC Leaderboards which is available on this website and will be updated whenever a SGC qualifying competition ends.
Qualification Points for Final placement
Teams will be seeded based on their SGC leaderboard position at the end of the qualification phase. (Ex. 1st place will play last place, 2nd place will play second-to-last place, and so forth)
Tiebreakers will be played out to determine the final ranking.
There are many open qualifiers available right now. Take a look at the schedule and sign-up! First one is starting on the 28th of April.


No, you can't play for more than one team at the same time.
To help accommodate shifting LCS & Academy rosters, teams competing in SGC qualifiers will be able to swap out 2 of their players from their current roster for the duration of May (meaning 3/5 players must remain the same). On June 1st, rosters that are participating in a SGC qualifier will be fully locked until all qualifiers are completed.
Five players and two subs.
Teams own the points.
Not unless the majority of players leave the team.
At least three non-sub players (the majority) have to remain the same in the team they play in. Teams will lose all of their Qualification Points if they change more than two players on their active roster.
If the majority of players will leave a team and create a new one, the points will be transferred to the team that has the majority of non-sub players in its lineup.
Yes. Each team can have up to 2 substitute players. They have to be registered in your team on the FACEIT website in order to use them before you sign-up for any of the competitions or open qualifiers.
All teams that qualify to the SGC Play-offs will have to submit their roster (with up to 2 changes) before the deadline on 31st July 23:59 CDT. Teams will only be able to add players who haven't competed in any of the SGC qualifying events. Teams that fail to submit their roster on time will be disqualified and the next team with the most Qualification Points will take their place.


If you don't have a team you can sign-up for any of our Open Qualifiers as solo players and our system will match you with other players in a team where you will compete together.
Every player that has a professional contract with LCS team as a PRO (LCS) or Academy player (Academy) can't compete in any of the SGC qualifying competitions.
SGC 2020 is currently boasting over $60,000+ in prizes and will grow further as we add more organizers whose competitions will offer prizes and Qualification Points. The total prizepool is divided into $31,200 assigned to the SGC Qualifying Competitions, and $30,000 assigned to the SGC Playoffs.
Top 8 teams who collect the most amount of Qualification Points across SGC qualifying competitions will be invited to the SGC Play-offs where they will have an opportunity to compete for a prizepool of $30,000.
Teams will be seeded based on their leaderboard position at the end of the qualification phase. (Ex. 1st place will play last place, 2nd place will play second-to-last place, and so forth)

League of Legends Weekend League (LWL)

LWL will be a two-month long SGC qualifying competitions across June and July, with 16 teams playing in a 8-round swiss format. After the final round ends, Qualification Points will be distributed to all 16 teams based on their final placement.
There will be 4 open qualifiers across May available to everyone to enter. Each Open Qualifier will have a prizepool of 100,000 FACEIT Points which can be redeemed in the FACEIT Shop in exchange for Riot Points. Top 4 teams of each open qualifier will qualify for the LWL
  1. 2nd May (14:00 CDT)
  2. 9th May (14:00 CDT)
  3. 16th May (14:00 CDT)
  4. 23rd May (14:00 CDT)
Single elimination bracket, matches are played one after another.
BO1 until Round of 16.
BO3 for Round of 16 and Round of 8 for deciding matches who gets into top 4 to qualify.
BO1 for semi-finals and finals for the prize distribution.
Yes. But any players and teams that qualify for LWL through one of the open qualifiers will not be allowed to play in the following LWL open qualifiers
Yes. But once you qualify, you can't play again in another open qualifier.
After the last open qualifier each team will be asked to submit us their roster for LWL. They can change a maximum 2 players among their active roster (non-subs).
The 4 teams that qualify through the first open qualifier will be the top 4 seeds in LWL. The teams that qualify from the second qualifier will be top 5-8 seeds. Last two open qualifiers work on the same principle for 9-16.
  • Rescheduling - Captains need to write to the admins in the LWL SGC Discord channel. If the captains do not both agree on a new time, the match will be played at the default time.
  • Stand-ins - Each team will be able to sign-up up to 2 stand-ins and use them for any of the matches throughout LWL. Your roster or standins can’t be changed throughout the duration of any SGC qualifying competitions. Make sure to sign-up the correct roster before the tournament.
  • No-show - If a team shows up for a match without wielding a 5 man roster, they will be given a default loss. Both stand-in and rescheduling features exist to prevent this from happening.

16th June18:00 CDT
213th June18:00 CDT
320th June18:00 CDT
427th June18:00 CDT
53rd July20:00 CDT
611th July18:00 CDT
718th July18:00 CDT
825th July18:00 CDT